How useful are electric cars? A fact check by the Fraunhofer Institute

Cover of the fact checkAgain and again we hear that electric cars are worse for the carbon footprint than, for example, diesel vehicles. Moreover, the mining of raw materials needed for the batteries is essentially done with child labour …

What is the truth? The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI has investigated this and summarised the results very clearly. This could make the discussion more objective. That is why I am making the results available here as a pdf file:

Fact Check by the Fraunhofer Institute (pdf-file, 1 MB, published in german)


A successful year is coming to an end

You haven’t read anything new here for a long time. This has to do with the fact that we had and have a lot of projects to realize. By the end of the year we will have built about 60 small plants up to 10 kwp. In addition, a number of larger plants. There was little time for maintaining the website.

New company name

We will change the entry of the company in the commercial register in RJC UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG.

This company will replace the Rolf Johann Consulting Company. We hope that we will be able to complete this by the end of the year.

Until then, we will act as RJC UG (haftungsbeshränkt) & Co. KG i.G. The managing director will be Rolf Johann.

Our help has arrived

Photo: Aid to Bangladesh
Foto: Reistransport auf dem LKW
Foto: Reisverteilen in Bangladesch
Foto: Reisverteilen in Bangladesch
Foto: Reisverteilen in Bangladesch
Papier mit brüderlichen Grüßen

We sent a sum of money to our friends in Bangladesh in April. The money has arrived and will help poor families, day labourers and poor women.

Mr. Haque and his team will distribute the relief supplies (rice…). We can make a tiny contribution and are happy about it. In May we will provide further funds.

64.32 kWp solarplant near Limburg

Solarplant near Limburg
Foto: Solaranlage bei Limburg
Foto: Solaranlage bei Limburg
Foto: Solaranlage bei Limburg
Foto: Solaranlage bei Limburg

Within 4 days we have occupied 3 roofs. 2 trapezoidal sheets and a tiled roof.