street in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Help urgently needed!

We have received the following call for help from our friend in Bangladesh. Therefore we have decided to pay a higher amount of money every month for donations.

First in April, in May and in June. We hope we can relieve some of the distress and help some of these people.

The current context of COVID-19 outbreak and country wise lockdown, many of the vulnerable minority’s and marginalized community, especially day labour, population, who are poor and live on day-to-day earnings, cannot earn their living and they need food.

We are distributing the relief as rapid responses among poor families in Dhaka City Corporation areas for COVID-19 Pandemic. The current context of COVID-19 outbreak and country wise lockdown, many of the vulnerable poor women and their community, cannot earn their living and they need of food. BCHRD-Bangladesh Centre for Human Rights and Development (also on facebook) feels its obligation to support these ultra-poor indigenous community members and to this end, had a management meeting online how to extend support.

The decisions taken are: a package containing 5 kg rice, 1 kg lentils, 3 kg potatoes, 1 kg puffed rice, 2 kg onion, 1 liter soybean oil, 1 kg salt and 2 masks. First aid will be distributed to each of the minority women. Resources will be mobilized through friends and colleagues.

Countrywide shutdown to prevent Covid-19, leads inhabitants of many remote areas in several upazilas (districts) of northern part of Bangladesh facing a food shortage as authorities are yet to send any aid for these people.

Result of COVID-19, many poor people have been facing a food crisis during March, April, May, June due to a poor harvest of agriculture cultivation and the situation aggravated this year thanks to the result of the shutdown. And also as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic, many family members suffer from severe economic (jobless, homeless, landless and resource loss), physical, psychological, social and legal consequences; children’s girls and women, persons in disability survivors of trauma affected are begging in Dhaka City after losing their income sources. Please stand with us and donate for the survivors of COVID Pandemic.